What we do

Community Data: Empowering the community. CRP collects, analyzes, and makes available original and secondary data to enhance understanding of community conditions, trends, resources, and needs. This information supports planning and implementation by funders, program providers, and residents.


Research and Evaluation: Discovering what is to inform what could be. CRP designs and conducts program evaluation and applied research that address local, state, and national programs and issues, builds the knowledgebase in critical areas, and measures the impact of program investment.


Products. CRP presents the results of our work in clearly written, accessible, and user-friendly products. We create innovative methods and useful tools that are sufficiently detailed yet visually compelling, to improve clarity and understanding for a wide range of audiences.


Areas of Expertise. CRP works in a wide range of fields, including human services, education, health, housing, employment, safety, community development, and population/market research CRP is staffed by a highly educated, strongly credentialed team of experts with varied backgrounds including psychology, health planning and promotion, prevention, city and regional planning, law, sociology, geography, and history. It is the talent and diversity of our staff that enables us to bring a holistic perspective to our work with a wide range of decision-makers, funders, and community organizations.