DataSource Static Report

Following the discontinuation of the DataSource project, CRP is pleased to partner with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Committee (MORPC) to present data from the Mid-Ohio region on nine of the most commonly requested primary indicators on the DataSource resource. The primary indicators included are: unemployment rate, total population, median income, housing, household or family makeup, race, education, poverty, and food stamp usage.


From these nine indicators, twenty six static reports have been generated. Geographies by which the data is viewable include counties within the Columbus metropolitan area, school district and jurisdiction boundaries within Franklin County, and seven smaller neighborhoods within Columbus. Each indicator is viewable by at least two geographies (determined based on those most frequently selected in DataSource for that particular indicator); no one indicator is viewable by all geographies.

Data was collected from the 2014 American Community Survey five year estimates, created by the U.S. Census Bureau.



Unemployment Rate by Counties                                                 Unemployment Rate-XLS

Unemployment Rate by Neighborhoods                                    Total Population-XLS

Unemployment Rate-School District                                           Median Household Income-XLS

Unemployment Rate-School District                                           Vacant Housing Units-XLS

Unemployment Rate-School District                                           Household Makeup-XLS

Total Population-Counties                                                               Race-XLS

Total Population-Jurisdictions                                                       Education-XLS

Total Population-Neighborhoods                                                  Poverty-XLS

Total Population-School Districts                                                  Food Stamps-XLS

Income by Jurisdictions                                                                    Data Source Report-XLS

Income by Neighborhood

Income by School Districts

Housing Jurisdictions

Housing Neighborhoods


Housing-School Districts

Household Makeup-Jurisdictions

Household Makeup-Neighborhoods

Household Makeup-School Districts

Race by Jurisdiction

Race by Neighborhoods

Race by School Districts

Education by Counties

Education by Neighborhoods

Education USD

Poverty by Neighborhoods

Poverty by School Districts

Food Stamps by Neighborhoods

Food Stamps by School Districts