About Us

Community Research Partners (CRP) is a unique non-profit research center based in Columbus, Ohio, with a mission of strengthening communities through data, information, and knowledge. CRP works on a wide array of issues and topics, with an increasing focus on data visualization, needs and issue assessment, health and access to health care, housing and community development, preschool through adult education, poverty and homelessness, and employment and workforce development.


CRP is a partnership of the City of Columbus, United Way of Central Ohio, the Franklin County Commissioners, and The Ohio State University. CRP is also a partner in the Urban Institute’s National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership.


We are dedicated to the goal of building a culturally diverse professional environment and to the principles that promote inclusive practices.  We are therefore committed to building a diverse staff with expertise and interest in serving the community and its diverse needs, backgrounds, ethnicities, abilities, and other distinct characteristics in respectful, sensitive, and understanding ways.