04 Apr

Today is Equal Pay Day and we would like to revisit a DataByte completed by our researchers! Check out Fair Pay For Fair Play.

23 Mar

Although poverty is often measured using the Federal Poverty Line, or FPL, poverty in Ohio is far more complex. By considering measures like self-sufficiency, asset poverty, and food insecurity, the 2016 State of Poverty offers different lenses through which poverty can be viewed. This report also focuses on different types of families and their rates of poverty, including grandparent caregivers and non-traditional college students.

28 Feb

In honor of Zero Discrimination Day (March 1), a day designated by
the United Nations to celebrate “everyone’s right to live a full life
with dignity regardless of age, gender, sex, nationality, ethnicity,
skin color, height, weight, profession, education, and beliefs” CRP
presents some of the ways data are used to measure discrimination.